Day 66 – Back and Biceps

Back and Biceps is always a good workout.  Little to no cardio work here, just plain old fashioned weightlifting and pull-ups.  Seeing that I am now in the final month of  workouts, I am attempting to really push over the final 30 days.  So I increased the weights on all of the bicep curls while attempting to stay at the same number of reps.   Now all along I have been a 15 rep person, using slightly lighter weights and doing more reps.   So each time I increase the weight, I still stay with the 15 reps, which makes it very tough whenever the weight gets increased.  

Another thing, I have been using what I felt was 25lb dumbells that were made up of plates and bars.  Basically each dumbell had 4 – 5lb plates and 2  – 2.5lb plates as well as the bar itself and screw on caps.   These things gave me fits curling and lifting, and really seemed heavy.  So I went out and bought some 25lb hex dumbells.  The Hex dumbells feel WAY lighter than the old school plate dumbells.  Not sure why, but I can crank out the reps with the Hex ones way easier… Is it because it is all 1 piece?  Anyway, I really like the single piece hex ones.  I am going to have to go out and buy some 30 and 35’s next.  

Weights and Measurements:   Well it was a Tuesday, so after the workout it was time for weekly weights and measurements.  Now last Tuesday I had gained over a pound due to my excess buffet visits and binge drinking while cavorting about Sin City.   So I really buckled down on the diet the past week and was hoping for good results on the scale.   Todays weight:  168.7  down 4.6lbs from the 173.3 that I tipped in at last Tuesday evening.   I was hoping for something in the 170 to 171 range, so I was very happy with the number.   Waist measurement was next. Last time it was 34 and an eighth inches.   Today, 33 and three quarters inches.   I take the new measurement and punch it into the calculator along with height and neck measurements….. 16.5% body fat.

After 66 days here is where I stand.  

Starting weight: 185,  Current Weight 168.7,  Total Lost = 16.3lbs.  Target Loss = 20lbs.   I still need to lose another 3.7lbs to reach my original goal of 165.   

Starting waist: 36.5 inches.  Current Waist: 33.75 inches.  Total Lost: 2.75 inches.  Target 32 inches.  I still need to shed another 1.75 inches off the waist.  I have a stubborn layer of lime green and blue raspberry jello that refuses to cooperate with the program.  Not sure I can shed 1.75 inches in 24 more days.

Last but not least…. Diet.   Now I have been plugging in all of my information into the Daily Plate.  I have dumped all the data into a spreadsheet and created some summary reports off of it.  The one thing that jumped out at me is the percentages for 66 days.   Average for First 30 Days:   Protein 35.45%   Carbs 44.55%  Fat 20%  now I knew I was off the first 30 days compared to the 50/30/20 recommended by Tony and the gang, but I did not get Whey Protein into the act until I was almost 15 days into the program.   So I figured the second 30 days would have a better ratio.  But it was actually slightly worse:  Protein 34.1%  Carbs 43.5%  Fat 22.4%    WHAT THE FUCK!!!!  Now this is closer to the recommended 40/40/20 ratio but how the hell could I be lower on Protein than I was the first 30 days.  After all I am now choking down that god awful Whey Protein (2.5 scoops a frickin day).   

Now I am into the final 30 days of the diet and it is supposed to be Protein 20%,  Carbs 60% and Fat 20%.   But I am still trying to strip off these last layers of Jello.  Should I stick with the Higher protein and Lower Carbs?  Or follow the suggested diet?   So far I have been shooting for the 40/40/20 ratio, and have actually been averaging 35/45/20 according to the Daily Plate.   Needless to say, the workouts are by far the EASIEST part of this program.  The diet is way HARDER and takes a much bigger toll on you mentally than the workouts.    I have always just ate whatever I wanted, so this whole 90 day shitfest has not been pleasant as far as that goes.

Wow a 700 word blog entry.  Time to shut up.


One Response to Day 66 – Back and Biceps

  1. Eric says:

    I have to tell you I love your blog. I started P90X the same time you did but just yesterday saw your blog. I love your take on the program and the participants. Actually you type what I think – especially about the She/Male Dreya. anyway just wanted to drop a line and say thanks. Also for what its worth – I have decided to stay on the phase two part of the diet. For some reason i dont feel comfortable with the low protein of phase 3 – I do still have fat to loose – but phase 1 does not have enough carbs to get me through the work-outs. I think phase 2 is the perfect balance and is the most normal day to day diet that I would follow – if i was not on the program.

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