Day 68 – Legs and Crack

Another day of Legs and Back… I take it that Dreya is British based on her tank top?  That would explain the stupid name that reminds me of Drano.  Why would that dipshit Tony let her wear that freakin top on his show?  Make her cover that thing up or at least get one with a US flag on the front.  Explains why she looks like a shemale though.  I guess she must have come across the pond to get her teeth fixed, cause them Brit bitches usually have some nasty gapped out yellow chompers, but Dreyas are nice and pearly.  Maybe Tony gave her those.

I tried to get through this workout without taking any breaks and fast forwarding through any spot that Tony goes off on his little discussions, or where I finish the excercise before they do.   It cuts the length down by a few minutes, but damn it is much harder that way.   I upped the weights on this workout as well, seeing that it is the last 30 days, time to really bring it.   Calf raises with 30lb dumbells in each hand is not exactly a walk in the park.   My legs behind my knees are a little sore today, probably from the increased weight.  I have Kenpo, so I am sure that will feel just great kicking around like a Clown on crack.


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