Day 69 – Kenpo

Sixty-Nine Days in?  There must be some juvenile humor that I can plug in here, but that would be to easy.   So instead I will discuss the excellent workout that Kenpo has become now that I have added the additional weights to my hands.  I use 3lb neoprene dumbells in each hand while doing all of the moves.  I also focus on bending and moving and keeping the core as tight as possible in each and every round.  And I mean tight, and each rep is a full twist and/or bend or drag or claw or sword or whatever.  No half ass Henry on any of this. 

 So what used to seem like the easiest of the DVD’s is now one of the more challenging.  I read lots of blogs that say this workout is too easy and they swap out biking or jogging for it instead.   I felt the same way a couple weeks ago, but not anymore.  I am really focusing on keeping the core tight, adding the extra hand weights, and getting into deep horse stances like the Marvin Hagler look alike guy.   Now this workout feels more like the Plyo workout when I am done.

With that being said, once my 90 days are finished will Kenpo be one of the workouts I return to on a regular basis?  Maybe not.  I think when the weather warms up, I will do this workout with my heavy bag in the garage.  The actual landing of punches and added weight of gloves should make it even better.   I will probably keep Kenpo as an every other week workout or as an occasional filler, but drop it from any regular rotation.  Remember, the workouts are only as good as the effort that you put into them.


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