Day 70 – Rest and Snow

Well today was supposed to be a rest/X-Stretch day.  Instead it turned into two and a half hours of shoveling and snow-blowing snow.  Thats right, it took me and a helper over two and half hours to clear just our driveway and sidewalk of all of the snow.   Some sections of the driveway had well over two feet of snow while the rest had anywhere from 8 to 12 inches.   I only have a single stage snow blower, so anything deeper than 6 to 8 inches does not get moved very far.  This was a heavy snow as well, so we ended up having to blow it into large banks along the edge of the driveway, and then use a coal shovel to lift it over the top of the banks. (The snow blower could not get it high enough to get over the banks. 

What a workout!!  Needless to say it was tough work getting it all finished and once done, I felt like I had just finished back to back Plyo sessions.   So much for a rest day.   Not much else to do the rest of the day, the area was under a snow emergency (keep off the roads) so I just hung out around the house.   Eventually I ventured out, and once out of our very deep and very unplowed side streets it was pretty much smooth sailing.  Lots of cars in ditches and stuck in parking lots and side streets.   They say more snow is on the way this week.


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