Day 72 – Plyometrics

Another rousing round of Plyometrics with all of my friends.  Pam the Blam-a-lam-a-ding-dong, Eric the peg-leg plyo machine, Adam the Leapfrog, and Tony the Douchebag.  I forgot my water, so I attempted to complete the entire DVD without any water breaks and by just running in place or doing jumping jacks during the water break time.  I made it through, but was I ever tired of swallowing my own spit to get a little hydration.  Note to self…. remember water bottle next time.    The lack of breaks make the workout that much more difficult, but I am now what Tony calls “Plyometrics ready” no lazy ass Cardio X option for me.

I am hoping that Plyometrics is preparing me properly for the Insanity DVD’s that I am planning on starting once I finish the P90X.   Those things look crazy hard, and me being an old man and all, I might just die on the basement floor and no one would ever find me.   Maybe I should invest in a heart rate monitor before trying those workouts.

Anyways, 18 more days to go… less than 3 weeks.  I am still keeping up with the diet, I am actually staying at the 40/40/20 percentages right now.  I plan on moving to 30protein, 50carbs, 20fat next week and then to the recommended 60Carbs, 20Protein, 20Fat the last week.  Tomorrow is a weigh-in day.  I was 3.7 lbs away from my target weight last week.  I doubt I have shed that much in a week, but I hope to be closer to the goal.

Looks like another snowstorm has decended upon us.  More snow shoveling workouts ahead.


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