Day 73 – Shoulders and Arms

Today was the final viewing of Shoulders and Arms in this round of P90X.   Goodbye Daniel “This guy loves to bring it” Haas,  see ya later Joe “This guy could be Tonys twin brother” Bovino.  And farewell dyke-like Dreya Weber I am going to miss all of you.  This is actually one of the workouts that I enjoy most.  With the exception of Tony finding the need to speak, it is really pretty good.  73 days into the routine and I can pretty much run this thing with the Mute button pressed and the Ipod Nano docked into the basement speakers and rocking.   So that is how I roll….  Seeing that it was the last time, I increased all the weights where I could.  I even managed to match the reps of the previous weeks with the heavier weights.   Does anyone else think that Flip Grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks sucks monkey nuts?    Aside from those things, this workout rocks.

One thing that does not rock about it… Ab Ripper X that follows.   I call it Nad Ripper X because it rips hairy gonads to do each time.  Although looking at the schedule I am down to only 4 more times of having to rip nads.   Despite losing 15 pounds of blubber and gaining tons of flexibility, I still hate pulse ups with a passion.  I cannot do them worth a tin-shit, my form blows and my back starts hurting like crazy about 10 reps in.  On the positive side, I really like the Roll-up, V-Ups and my new favorites are the Oblique V-ups.  I kick ass on those things.   Funny how things you used to hate become things you like as you progress and things you used to really like at the beginning are kind of just so-so now.

It was a weigh-in night.  I checked in at 170lbs even.  That is a gain of a little over a pound from last week.   According to my Daily Plate results from the week, I have been calorie deficient by more than 6000 calories.  That should be good for about 1.5 pounds lost.   The added weight must have been added muscle… ya right.   Really, I was expecting to be closer to my goal of 165 this week, but apparently the P90X gods have decided to punish me for making fun of Tony and Dreya.   I will stick with it, I have 17 more days to lose 5 pounds.   That is about one-third of a pound per day.  Saying it that way makes it seem like an easy goal.


One Response to Day 73 – Shoulders and Arms

  1. pittnova88 says:

    just reading some more stuff on here…props to you for keeping up with the daily plate. I did it until the holidays…then figured that I knew enough about nutrition to keep track in my head. I think i’ve done a good job, but im sure its alot more refreshing to go to bed seeing you nailed that 40/40/20 rather than just hoping you did.

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