Day 74 – YogaX

What can I say about YogaX that has not already been said?  It takes to long, the vinyassa’s are to repetitive, and some of the positions are kind of painful to get into.  I hate it… But I love it.   Usually about 30 minutes in is where I start liking this workout, and I always feel much better about it once it is finished.  

Everyone I know who does P90X bitches about the Yoga, but everyone who has stuck with it says that it really is one of the better workouts to do.   Many people have “switched out” of Yoga to things like basketball or jogging or some other item to try to make up for it.  From what I have seen, they are the ones who have not gotten as much out of the program as the ones who stick by it and do the yoga.   Same with the diet, those that don’t do the diet, don’t seem to get as big of a change as they wanted.    Stick with the program, it works.


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