Day 75 – Legs, Back and Nad Ripper

Legs and Back day today, that leaves one more time to do this routine before the end of my 90 days.   I have developed a very sore area right behind my right knee.  I have had issues with this before and was told that is was called a Bakers Cyst.   Below is a picture of what a Baker’s Cyst is, and a brief explanation, as taken from the Mayo Clinic site.

A door hinge needs oil to swing smoothly, to reduce the friction between its moving parts and to minimize wear and tear. Similarly, the cartilage and tendons in your knees rely on a lubricating fluid called synovial (si-NO-vee-ul) fluid. This fluid helps your legs swing smoothly and reduces friction between the moving parts of your knees.

Synovial fluid circulates throughout your knee and passes in and out of various tissue pouches (bursae) throughout your knee. A valve-like system exists between your knee joint and the bursa on the back of your knee (popliteal bursa). This regulates the amount of synovial fluid going in and out of the bursa.  But sometimes the knee produces too much synovial fluid. Most commonly this is caused by an inflammation of the knee joint, such as occurs with various types of arthritis.  A knee injury, especially a cartilage tear, also is a common cause of Baker’s cyst.

When the popliteal bursa fills with fluid and expands, the result is a bulge called a Baker’s cyst. In texture, it’s similar to a balloon filled with water.

So this thing has been getting bigger each day this week to the point where now it is starting to get uncomfortable.  With Kenpo coming up, I don’t see it getting any better.  Strange thing is, my left knee has had surgery and is the one that snaps and pops with every lunge and kick, but there is no swelling there. 

That wraps up todays medical lesson, with only 15 more days of P90X remaining, it will take more than a swollen sac to keep me from finishing, especially when the sac is located behind the knee instead of beneath the schlong.

Speaking of swollen sacks… Ab Ripper X followed Legs and Back.  There are 10 weeks where you are required to do Ab-Ripper 3 times a week.  That means 30 Ab-Ribber sessions with 349 Ab and Core moves (as Tony is quick to point out)  so that means over the 90 day period,  if you can do every single rep of Ab-Ripper,  you will have done 10,470 moves.   I have not added up all of my reps from the tally sheet,  so I don’t know exactly how many Abs I have ripped.  One thing that I do know is that I have 3 more sessions of Ab-Ripper left, and I for one, will not miss it when it is done.


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