Day 78 – Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

This workout does not involve the legs in any way so the swollen back of my right knee will not be an issue.   This is the last time for this workout and quite frankly I am kind of glad.  That woman on the left is crazy ugly and scares me every time they first show her.   On the other hand, I really like Phil the muscle bound bad ass who pretty much puts Tony in his place when he needs to.  So I am gonna miss him.   Daniel the substitute teacher on the other hand, well even Tony forgets about him in less than an hour. 

I really tried to increase the reps and weights on everything, but ended up only matching the numbers on some of the excercises.  This really pissed me off cause several times I was shaking like crazy just trying to match the numbers from last time I did this.   The one-arm pushups give me problems for some reason,  and I could not get past my limit of 11 clap push-ups without planting my face into the floor.  

This is a good workout and will probably be one that I continue to do once the 90 days is finished.   For now, it is back into the box with it.  12 days to go.


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