Day 81 – Yogurt

YogaX + Hurting Knee = Yogurt, a squishy mess of a workout where you attempt to gingerly do Yoga while protecting a still slightly painful knee.   With the final Legs and Back workout of the 90 days coming up tomorrow, I did not want to overdo it on the Yoga today.   So I kind of backed off on the right side when it came to fully extending the leg. (Straightening out the right knee causes the back of the knee to scream at me)   This affected a few of the poses such as warrior 3 and right side half moon and twisting half moon.  The rest of the stuff was OK and I got through it.

As I get closer to the end of the 90 days, I find myself slacking more and more on the diet, I need to focus on the diet these last 10 days.  Once the 90 days is over, I can totally see myself just gorging on whatever fast food, fried, gravy covered, fat laced, sugar infested hunk of yumminess comes my way.  I will have to start another program soon after P90X ends or I will just end up covered in 6 layers of jello again.   Sad… but probably true.


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