Day 82 – Legs and Back

Legs and Back…. Done.   Ab-Ripper X…. Done.   I have finished the last Legs and Back and Ab-Ripper session of my 90 day journey.   Listed below are each of the individual excercises that make up the workouts.  Looking at it this way it seems like alot more than a 45 minute workout and a 15 minute abs session.

Legs and Back consists of:

  • Balance Lunges (25 each leg)
  • Calf-Raise Squats (25)
  • Reverse Grip Chin-Ups (max reps)
  • Super Skaters (25 each leg)
  • Wall Squats (90 seconds)
  • Wide Front Pull-Ups (Max Reps)
  • Step Back Lunges (25 each leg w/25lb weights)
  • Alternating Side Lunges (24 total w/25lb weights)
  • Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups (max reps)
  • Single-Leg Wall Squats (60 seconds, alternate 10 secs per leg)
  • Deadlift Squats (25 reps w/25lb weights)
  • Switch Grip Pull-Ups (max reps)
  • Three-Way Lunges (some fucking Dreya invention)
  • Sneaky Lunges (25 reps)
  • Reverse Grip Chin-Ups (max reps)
  • Chair Salutations (two 30-second reps)
  • Toe-Roll Iso Lunges (20 each leg)
  • Wide Front Pull-Ups (max reps)
  • Groucho Walks (45 seconds)
  • Calf Raises (3 sets of 25, w/25lb weights)
  • Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups (max reps)
  • 80/20 Siebers-Speed Squats (30 each leg)
  • Switch Grip Pull-Ups (max reps)
  • For the most part this is a solid workout.  Works the legs and calfs while smacking you on the back as well.  (8 Sets of Pull-ups mixed in)

    As for Ab-Ripper X, here is what that is made up of.

  • In & Outs (25 reps).
  • Seated Bicycles (25 reps forward, 25 reps backward).
  • Seated Crunchy Frogs (25 reps).
  • Crossed Leg / Wide Leg Sit-Ups (25 reps). 
  • Fifer Scissors (25 reps).
  • Hip Rock & Raise (25 reps).
  • Pulse-Ups (25 reps).
  • Roll-Up / V-Ups (25 reps).
  • Oblique V-Ups (25 reps on each side).
  • Leg Climbs (25 reps).  I do 25, Tony only does 24.
  • Mason Twists (40 reps).
  • I will not miss having to complete this either.  Starting with Fifer Scissors thru Pulse-Ups my lower back just starts aching.  Once I get past those 3, the rest are easy.   I vaguely remember trying this workout as part of the “trial run” and only getting about half way through before calling it quits.   Yes I have come a long way.  But I really do not like this workout, it really hurts my back too much each time.  Hopefully the Insanity Abs workout (which has no crunchs or sit-ups) will be less painful on my lower back.


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