Day 85 – Yoga

Well today was the next to last Yoga session, so I decided to put in the optional “push-up” before each of the Downward Dogs.  (Tony always says do a push-up if you want to, and I have rarely if ever wanted to)  Adding in the extra push-up was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  I barely even noticed it until maybe the final 3 or 4 vinyassa’s.   I have improved a ton at Yoga and can now even stumble into the twisting half moon poses.  (only with the help of my block)  Some day maybe I will be able to hold the pose that the guy in the picture is doing.  Ya right.

On the balance poses, the crane is the only one that still gives me issues, I can keep balanced for maybe 15 seconds or so before falling out.  I just get back into it, and fall again every 10 seconds or so.   Hard to believe that I only have 1 more session of Yoga left.  Never would have thought that I would miss it.


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