Day 88 – X Stretch

Seems kind of strange spending one of the last days of the P90X journey doing X-Stretch instead of some massive plyo or chest workout.   Yesterday was weigh in day again and I was at 168 on the scales.  Down 17 pounds from the start, I did not do waist and neck measurements, so I cannot plug in the data for body fat percentage.  My original goal was to get down to 165 by the last weigh-in.  That will be on Tuesday, 3 days after finishing the P90X workouts.   I will get final 90 day pictures taken and put up the comparison again after next Tuesday.

2 more days to go:  Core Synergistics and Yoga.  Day 91 on my schedule shows X-Stretch or Rest.   Seeing that it is a Saturday,  I will be resting.   

When I was at about day 15 and again at day 30 or so, I thought to myself, when this is done, I am gonna celebrate by stuffing myself with all kinds of delicious fattening food.  But now that the day is near, I look at the results and say…. Shit, I worked to hard to get here, I don’t want to throw it away on a three times a week hot wings, cheeseburgers and beer diet.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love that stuff and still plan on having it once in a while (OK maybe more frequently on the beer) and  I am planning on going out to eat to celebrate on Day 90.  Right now it looks like it is going to be a Steak place.  I think a salad, followed by either a T-Bone steak or Surf and Turf,  side of mushrooms and onions, steamed veggies and maybe a baked potato.   I might even add some sour cream to that there tater, umm humm.   

I do need to take some time off from P90X and working out in general.  My right knee continues to cause me problems with swelling and is painful to really workout on.   Maybe a couple weeks of rest, and then either P90X+  or Insanity.  Either way I think I have started a much bigger lifestyle change with this journey.


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