Day 90 – Yoga X

Well after 90 Days of P90X and weekly yoga X sessions, I have finally mastered the art of sticking my own head up my ass.   After listening to the first 45 minutes of Tony gabbing on and on during my relaxing yoga session, I just could not take it anymore.   So I reached and I stretched and eventually was able to fit my head into my own ass.   Ahhh the blessed silence of not being able to hear Tony was only dampened by the foul air in there.   It goes without saying that I was really looking forward to hitting the showers after this workout…

With my 90 days completed, I am looking forward to a week of no workouts and allowing my knees and other aching body parts some time to rest.   I will probably finish up on Tuesday with the final weigh-in and measurements and take the 90 day picture then.   I have been checking out the P90X+ dvd’s and will probably do these things every other day for a few weeks prior to starting INSANITY on April 5th.  I am hoping the Interval X and Cardio/Kenpo plus workouts will get me a little better prepared for what looks like a completely insane 60 days with INSANITY.


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