Insanity – Day 2 Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Today was the first real day of Insanity and about all I have to say is that it is fricking INSANE…  I thought the fit test was pretty tough, but that was a walk in the park compared to Plyometric Cardio Circuit.   Holy mother of Mike.

The DVD starts out with a warm-up that consists of about seven different 30 second excercises (run in place, jumping jacks, butt kicks, mummy kicks, ect..) that you do at a good pace.  After completing all 7 (3.5 minutes of work), you get NO REST.  Now you repeat that sequence (Kind of Tony Hortonish) at a faster pace.  So that is another 3.5 minutes straight at a faster pace than before.   What do you think happens next? You guessed it sharp guy, you REPEAT that sequence again, only faster this time.  Once that three and a half minutes is over, then you get to take a 30 second break and the warm-up is complete.  HA..

The DVD then goes into about 6 or 7 minutes of stretching to get the legs warmed up and ready for the workout… Huh?  By the time the stretching is finished you look at the TV and see you have about 25 minutes or so left,  now I am thinking…. I can handle 25 more minutes of this.  Mmmmm wrong.

So the workout begins with some suicide drills followed by Power Jacks then Mountain Climbers and last but not least Ski Jumps.  Once again you do each one for 30 seconds, and after your 2 minutes of pain, you get a 30 second break.  Then you repeat that sequence, only at a faster pace this time.  Then you get a 45 second break.  Then you repeat again a third time ONLY FASTER and then the SOB throws in 2 additional 30 second excercise just to piss you off.   Once you finish that unholy session you get a 90 second break, and guess what?  You are now only halfway done.

Round 2 starts with Basketball Jumps (just like Tony H. in P90X) followed by Level 1 drills, then Ski-Abs and last but not least In and Out Abs.  30 seconds each one, no breaks in between.  After your 2 minutes of hell, you get a 30 second break, but then it is time to repeat that sequence only FASTER.  Now this is where I finally started to wear down.  I could not get through the Ski-Abs and In and Out abs without taking a 10 second break in between.   And I knew that I still had ANOTHER round to go.  By the time the third round started, I had stripped off my sweat soaked shirt (now I know why most of the guys in the video are shirtless) and basically had to take 10 second breaks again just so I could finish.    OH YEAH, they throw in FRICKIN 4 more “extra” thirty second moves at the end for an additional 2 minutes of hell on earth.  These are jabs, hooks, cross-jacks and attack.  (think Kenpo X here). 

Then you are done… Ahhhh the relief.  Cool down stretch for the final five minutes and I think my heart rate was still over the top by the end of that.  

So the first real workout is now complete.  My calfs and thighs are feeling it the most, but really I feel pretty good afterwards, not even close to as sore as I felt after day 1 of P90X.   Maybe I will get used to this cardio stuff.


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