Insanity – Day 4 Cardio Recovery

I  was hoping for a break from the pounding that Insanity puts on you when I saw Cardio Recovery on the schedule.  Much to my relief, it is exactly that, a good recovery from the crazy pace that the first 3 days put on.   This DVD starts out with a much shorter and easier warmup than the other Insanity workouts.    It then goes into what Shaun says is Deep Muscle moves.   Basically light a match and start your legs on fire for the next few moves.  They include wide squats (you do 16 deep squats, that is no problem) and then you do 16 pulses from the deep squat position and then hold the deep squat position for what seems like 20 minutes but is probably only a minute or so.   Your legs are screaming at you to stand up you fricking idiot your killing me!!!  But you press on until Shaun says OK.   Repeat that sequence but with lunges to the right and left.

Next is is Plie Yoga Stretches.  These are just real nice and easy stretches that work the hip flexors.   Then you hit the floor for some quad and butt excercises that are done from the plank position.   Again nothing that is too hard to complete in this area, just a good stretch and workout.  Then you finish up with some Yoga postures that are not anything as difficult as Yoga X.   This was a great way to give the body a rest after the first couple of days of Insanity.  My guess is that I am gonna pay for it the next couple of days with Pure Cardio and the second run through of Plyo Cardio Circuit.  

I notice that I have been really hungry for Carbs since starting this workout.  I am eating cereal like crazy.  Well I just read an article about how you should NOT eat so many refined grains.  Damn!!  I am gonna have to find something else to scarf down instead.  Seems I should be eating more fats/proteins instead of carbs  (I have been staying at about 40% protein, 40% Carbs and 20% fats).    Some suggest that it should be 40%Protein, 40%Fats, 20%Carbs.   Bring on the bacon and eggs baby!!!!


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