Insanity – Day 5 – Pure Hell… I mean Cardio

What else can I say, Pure Cardio is quite frankly, pure hell.   It has the same 10 minute or so warm-up as the Plyo DVD.  Then it heads into some stretching. Shaun T gives a little speech about how this is gonna be a tough workout and he is worried that maybe I will keel over and die while doing it.  Well, he was right.  I think I did die and visited hell for 15 minutes during this DVD.

The actual workout is ONLY 15 minutes.  How hard can it be?  Fricking Hard!!  You basically have 15 moves that you do for 1 minute each at MAX speed, with ZERO, NADDA, NONE, ZIP, ZILCH breaks in between each.   Listed below are the moves that you are supposed to perform, but by the time the ninth one (frog jumps) showed up, I was needing to take breaks for the final 20 seconds on the remaining 6.

  • Suicide Drills 
  • Switch Kicks
  • Wide Football Sprints
  • Stance Jacks
  • Pedals 
  • Hooks & Jump Rope
  • Power Jacks 
  • Level 2 Drills
  • Frog Jumps 
  • Power Knees
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Ski Down
  • Scissor Runs 
  • Suicide Jumps
  • Push-Up Jacks
  • Now looking in the background, you will see plenty of Shauns minions dropping like fly’s as well, so don’t feel to bad if you cannot keep up with them.  In fact he walks around and tells several people to take a break or go get a drink.   You will also notice some guys just go crazy fast while the camera is on them, but then later you see them in the background barely moving or crawling on the floor looking for a safe spot to barf. 

    These workouts are taking a toll on my knees as they feel slightly swollen about an hour after the workouts.  I have been wearing my new cross trainer shoes but I think I might try doing the second week in bare feet.  I did the P90X Plyo in bare feet and my knees felt much better when I did.

    Back to Plyo Cardio Circuit next.  I want to see if I actually improve from the first time.


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