Insanity Day 8 – Cardio Power and Resistance

Todays version of Cardio Power and Resistance went very well.  I was able to keep up with Shaun and crew well into the second round of the actual workout.   That was much better than the first time though this DVD so I am getting better at the Cardio portion of this stuff.  The push-ups and lunges are really no problem yet, the P90X has done a very good job of getting me ready for any resistance type training.

Today was my scheduled weigh-in day.  I was expecting things to be not so good, as I did not follow the diet very well during the first week.  I kept the calories down to about 2000 net calories per day, but the percentages of Protein, Carbs and Fat were not real good.   31% Protein, 48% Carbs and 21% Fat.    I think someone told me the Insanity Diet is about 40/40/20.    So I was expecting to be a little heavier this week, but much to my surpise, I was 1 lb lighter than the previous week.  I am now at 164.7 Lbs, down from an original starting weight of 186 on Nov. 27th 2009. 

In order to get to the 10% body fat required for 6-Pack Abs I will probably need to get down to 160lbs or so.  Either that, or I am going to have to go back on a low Carb diet for 30 days to get the last layer of Jello melted off the lower abdomen.


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