Insanity – Day 9 – Pure Cardio

Pure Hell revisited was the workout today.  This time I took it a little easier during the warm up and felt much better once the actual workout started.   My form was better and was thinking that maybe I would make it through the entire workout without having to stop.  NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!!!  Once again I got all the way to the Frog Jumps (9 Minutes in) before I had to take a 20 second break.   DAMN!!   I sucked it up and started up again with the Power Knees and stayed in it all the way til the Suicide Jumps (next to last thing) and I ended up needing another break during those.  

Holy shit that is one hard workout.. I hope I can get through the entire thing at some point during the first 30 days.   I am sure that I could if I went slower than Shaun and his buddies, but I am at least trying to match their intensity.  (if you notice, most of them are not able to make it all the way through without a break either)

Tomorrow is Plyo Cardio Circuit, hopefully I can get through that thing all the way on the third try.  We shall see.


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