Insanity – Day 10 – Plyo Cardio Circuit

I kept telling myself that the third time would be the charm in getting through the Plyometric Cardio Circuit DVD.    I need to learn to stop talking to myself, cause once again, I did not make it through without taking some extra breaks.  I am now able to get through the Warm-Up and Stretches matching the same pace as Shaun and the others.  I can get through the first half of the workout matching them as well.  It is the first round of the second half of the workout where I run out of steam.  This time it was the first set of Ski-Abs that I had to take a 20 second break on.   I then need a break during the In-Out Abs section as well.  Once I get the regular break, then I am able to power through the Basketball Jumps and Level 1 Drills, but once I get about half way through the Ski-Abs, I need another break.  Same thing for the third round,  I need a small break during the In-Out abs, but then can finish up the final 4 “Extras” without a problem.

Has anyone else noticed that at the end of this DVD after the stretch is completed, that everyone including Shaun T appear to be fresh as a daisy?  Their skin is not even sweaty.   I think they must have shot the conclusion of the DVD prior to the start.  Cause I am still drippin sweat for a few minutes after the cool down is completed.  Either that or an industrial strength fan is blowing on them during the cool down.  (not that you would see Shaun’s hair blowing in the wind)


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