Insanity – Day 11 – Irish Cardio Recovery

Ahhh Cardio Recovery day…. Should be a nice easy workout and stretch, except if you have finished off a half dozen pints at the local watering hole in celebration of St. Patricks day.   For some reason, a little late night workout sounded like a good idea to someone who had just consumed large amounts of Green Beer and Buffalo Wings.   Needless to say my form was not very good, and falling over during the yoga portions was a little painful.   The burning in my legs was matched only by the burning of the hot wings in my gut.   Amazing how your sweat smells more like grain alcohol after you have downed a bunch of beer before working out.   The dog ended up getting drunk after licking my face when I passed out on the floor. 

Wonder how I will feel later on today when I get into Cardio Power and Resistance.   It should be easier to finish without the room spinning around.


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