Insanity – Day 12 – Cardio Power and Resistance

After yesterdays drunken fiasco known as Irish Cardio Recovery, I figured that Cardio Power and Resistance may cause me some issues as well.  Somehow my left knee has gotten progressively more and more swollen up, and my body was still not feeling 100% after downing too many beers the evening before. 

The first few minutes of the warmup were more painful than usual, my calfs were really tired and I was putting more stress on the right side trying to compensate for the sore left knee.   After the second round of the warm up, I was starting to feel much better and the soreness was leaving the legs and knees.   By the time the stretching rolled around, I was feeling pretty good.  

The first session of the workout consists of  Power Jumps, Belt Kicks, Touch the Floor and V-Push Ups.  The first two of these are not really knee friendly, but I was able to get through them with only some minor pain.  The V-Push ups are great and I did 10 first round, 15 second round and managed 20 on the third round.   After the third round, you are basically dripping in sweat and are numb to any pain.

The second session consists of Hurdle Jumps, Globe Jumps, Walking Push-ups and Floor sprints.  These were much easier on the knees and for the first time was able to get through both sessions without taking any extra breaks.   One more session to go before a rest day, and then the 2nd fit test.  I feel like I should be able to improve on the numbers in all of the tests.


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