Insanity – Day 13 – Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

Today was the third time through Pure Cardio and it actually seemed a little less like Pure Hell this time.   I continue to have swelling in my knee that really keeps me from being able to do these DVD’s pain free.   Once again I made it all the way til Frog Jumps before I had to take an break.  About 15 seconds of sucking wind and I was able to get back into it.  From there I was pretty much good to go through the finish.   I was a little concerned about having to go from Pure Cardio straight into Cardio Abs. 

Seeing that this was the first time I had to do the Cardio Abs DVD, here is a little review of what it contains:

Looking at the bottom of the screen you see 17 minutes.  OK not bad, that is the same as Ab-Ripper X and basically you know that the pain will be over shortly.  It starts with a real brief warm-up. Basically 1 round of the warm-up that you do in Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  This was probably not needed today as I was already drenched in sweat from Pure Cardio, but I did it anyways.   A 30 second break and you get right into it. 

Twisting High Knees, followed by Jump Rope, then into Power Jumps (Jump Knee Tucks in P90X) and finally Wide Power Jumps. (Basically Power Jumps with your legs spread out wider.  Each of these lasts 30 seconds and the intensity is marched up higher and higher through each excercise.

A 30 second break and it is on to the C-Sit position.  Basically sitting on your ass, with your back  laid back a little bit and your feet out in front of you with your knees bent.   Here is what you go through from this position.

  • Twists (like a real slow Mason Twists from P90X, with feet on the floor)
  • Twists with Knee In/Outs & Up/Downs (same as before, but with alternating knee in/outs and raises)
  • A-Frame Ab Twists (add in your arms held out straight)
  • A-Frame Ab Twists with Knee In/Outs (same as before, but lift up your knee between the arms each rep)
  • C-Sit Hold (stay in C-Sit position for 30 seconds)
  • Single Leg Raises (pull knee straight in, then extend leg out, then raise leg up, then bring it down)
  • Double Leg Raises (same as before, but using both legs at the same time)
  • Single Leg Raises and Double Leg Raises are fricking hard to do.  Even that little cupcake Tania can’t do the damn things even with Shaun T drooling all over her. 

    But you are not done yet…. there is still 6 minutes of heaven to go!!!

    Now we move on to the Plank Position part of the Abs workout, 30 seconds each excercise.

  • From push-up position, pull one knee up to the side and to your shoulder.  Alternate sides.  Slow 1st set, then fast. 
  • Do the same thing again, but from a low plank position resting on your forearms, slow first set then a fast set.
  • Alternate between high planks and low planks.  Do 8 hip tucks, contracting your core while shifting your pelvis and hips toward the ground.   These look like your humping the invisible woman from up high, then down low. 
  • Thats it, you have finished Cardio Abs.  I would have to say it is about on par with Ab-Ripper X as far as intensity.  It did not hurt my lower back as much as Ab-Ripper does, so I would have to say I prefer it to Ab-Ripper, plus you don’t have to listen to that dipshit Tony Horton running his yap. 

    Rest day tomorrow then the fit test.


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