Insanity – Day 15 – Fit Test

Two weeks of Insanity complete.  Time to do the fit test and see if there have been any improvements in the cardio. 

After a quick warm-up it was time to do the fit test:  Here are the comparison results.

  Week 1 Week 3
Switch Kicks 120 134
Power Jacks 52 60
Power Knees 85 98
Power Jumps 38 45
Globe Jumps 9 9
Suicide Jumps 18 20
Push-Up Jacks 25 30
Low Plank Obliques 58 63

As you can see, I was able to improve in each of the tests with the exception of Globe Jumps (I was taking a little rest during these so I could finish strong)   I improved by about 10% in each of the excercises.   I was not nearly as exhausted at the end as I was 2 weeks ago when I first took the test. 

My goal is to be able to beat Tania at every one of the tests.  My week 2 compared to her Final test shows that I am ahead of her in Switch Kicks, but I trail by 5 in Power Jacks, by 27 in Power Knees (holy shit, I gotta pick it up),   She is ahead in Power Jumps by 5,  Globe Jumps by 2,  Suicide Jumps by 3,  Push-up Jacks by 2 and Low Plank Obliques by 7.    Damn.  That little cupcake is whipping my ass in 7 out of the 8 tests.    Of course that is compared to her FINAL test so I still have 45 days to improve those scores.   I am sure that I can beat her in all 8 tests by the time Day 60 rolls around.   If not, she can roll me in honey and spank my bare bottom…..


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