Insanity – Day 16 – Plyo Cardio Circuit

The swelling has gone down some in the old timers knee so I went downstairs and fired up the Plyometric Cardio Circuit DVD that is Day 16.    Now each of the last 3 times I have done this damn workout, I have made it to the 2nd round of Ski Abs in the 2nd half of the workout before needing extra breaks.  So my goal was to get past that.   I think I have a mental block going on, cause once again, 2nd round of Ski Abs, my legs refused to move to either the left or right side and my arms gave out and I planted my face into the sweat soaked carpet.    Son of a Bitch… a 15 second rest and I finish it out.  3rd round Ski Abs, once again, a face plant.  15 second extra rest and I am good through the finish of the DVD.    Day 20 is the next chance at this DVD and I WILL make it past that point without stopping… I swear.

For anyone else out there who is doing this Insane workout with Shaun T, have you noticed the chick in the far back on the right hand side of the gym during the Plyo Cardio Circuit workout?  I have seen white people, and I have seen powder white people, but DAMN that chick is nearly translucent!!   The crazy thing is she is wearing a black workout top and shorts so she looks even whiter.   I notice that she works out in a shaded area of the floor as well.  Must be part Vampire or some shit like that, cause there is no way the sun has ever touched that skin.   I guarantee there are NO tan lines to be found anywhere on that body. 

One other thing about this DVD, what is it with the skinny little crack ho looking woman in the front?   They constantly show her (almost as much as that little cupcake Tania) but damn that woman is not camera worthy.   Shaun T even screams at her a couple of times to get her shit together and she is like ” I want to leave” and he just ignores the bitch.  Shaun is like  “keep workin your scraggly ass”  but then he finally tells her to quit.   At which point she slides out the back of the gym to purchase a small rock from the local high school pusher. 

Now that I am getting better at these workouts, I have a little more time to check out the people in the background.  Up to this point I simply stared at the bar at the bottom of the screen and prayed for a gray section to show up.   The schedule calls for Pure Cardio plus Cardio Abs for tomorrow.  Shit…


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