Insanity – Day 19 – Cardio Recovery

Seeing that I am going on a vaction Skiing in Colorado in 2 days, recovery is just what the doctor ordered.  Gives my body a chance to heal up before I punish it with 4 straight days of downhill thrashing.   Because I only ski a couple of times a year, my legs usually get pretty sore after the first day or two.  It will be interesting to see how I feel this year seeing that I have completed the P90X workout and will have 20 days of the Insanity workout under my belt before I hit the slopes.   I have the Insanity workouts on my Ipod, so if I have any energy left in the evenings I will be doing the workouts as well. 

When I get back from Vacation, the Insanity schedule is set for Recovery Week.   It looks like Core Cardio and Recovery for 5 straight days.   That is followed by the final 4 weeks of the workout at MAX level… yikes.   I am planning on going more towards a low-carb diet the final 4 weeks.  (currently I have been keeping at a 45% Carbs, 35%Protein and 20% fat ratio)   By sticking to a “real” low carb diet for 4 weeks (50%Protein, 30%Carbs and 20% fat) combined with Insanity Max workouts should lead to six pack city.  I have been stuck on a 4-pack since finishing P90X, and my diet has kind of been a little more Hot Wings with beer instead of Grilled Chicken Breast with skim milk.  

Anyways, it is off to the slopes….


2 Responses to Insanity – Day 19 – Cardio Recovery

  1. pittnova88 says:

    How do you like insanity so far?…how do u feel compared to p90? I have been rummaging around the gym for the past month…and i couldnt stick with anything so i just started another round of p90 today. How did you pick up the disks? I couldnt find them online to download.

    • scootwan says:

      I love insanity compared to P90X. It is a shorter workout (done in less than an hour) and you sweat about 10 times more. You actually feel like you have been working instead of listening to some douchebag talk about whatever fucking soup he is stirring up.

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