Insanity – Day 16 (Restart)

Ok, I just got back from a week of skiiing in beautiful Colorado and it is time to get back into the Insanity groove.  When I left I had just completed Day 19, but I did not take my workouts with me. (I would never have been able to complete even half of one after spending the day on the slopes, and with the thin air, the thighs just take a beating)  Now that I am back home and back to flipping work, it is time to finish off the Insanity workouts. 

I have decided to back up to the day following the final fit test to start over (that would be Day 16).   So it was Plyometric Cardio Circuit that I had to jump back into.   Well, once I got going everything felt fine, but once again, I needed to start taking breaks once I got to the second round of Ski Abs.   I end up taking 10 second breaks during Ski and In and Out abs during the 2nd and 3rd rounds. 

I also stepped back on the scale after eating and drinking anything that came my way for the past 9 days.  I was expecting to have ballooned up 4 or 5 pounds.  So I fired up the Wii Fit (this is where I track my weight and BMI) and much to my surprise…. I lost 1.3 lbs?   I can not believe it…. 166.7lbs   

I am going back on a low-carb diet through the end of April. (originally I figured I would need to lose the extra flab I picked up while on vacation, but I guess not)  I want to get down to about 160lbs and 10% body fat.   I am actually going to STICK to the plan of 50% protein,  30% Carbs and 20% fats. 

Day 1 of the diet:  56%Protein, 27% carbs and 17% fats.  (I did it, I knew that I could, so I am off to a good start)   Good thing April only has 30 days, cause I am gonna be tired of chicken by the end of the month.   The next fit test is not until April 26th and by then, I had better be able to keep up with that little hottie Tania.


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