Insanity – Day 17 – Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

Ok, who in their right fricking mind attempts to do 17 minutes of cardio abs immediately after having their ass handed to them in Pure Cardio…. Me that is who.   What a bunch of horseshit that ended up being.   I’d like to kick Shaun T right in his T-Bag for coming up with that idea. 

First the Pure Cardio was once again, pure hell.  I get to Frog Jumps and then shit the bed every time.  I figured out why, because the excercise right BEFORE Frog Jumps is Level 2 drills.   Down, 8 Push-Ups, 8 Run in place in the plank postion, bring feet to hands, jump up reaching for the sky.  Then back down and do it all again.   I always manage to get through the Level 2 drills, but I get so damn gassed, that the Frog Jumps seem hard.   So next time I do this workout, when the Level 2 drills show up, I am doing Froggy Jumps during that minute, then doing the Level 2 drills while Shaun and crew are Frog Jumping their asses across the screen.

Another thing, I completely drench a t-shirt as well as a towel with sweat while doing this workout.   I usually get to the Frog Jump level before I notice that I am roasting to death in a completely soaked T-shirt.  I strip it off during my 10 to 15 second break and usually continue on til the end.  Maybe next time I will do the workout shirtless.  Pretty scary thought, good thing there are no mirrors in my basement.

Last but not least, what in the flying fuchstein is Shaun thinking by making me do Cardio abs right after Pure Cardio.  Sure we get a 4 and a half minute cool down at the end of Pure Cardio, followed by the minute to switch out DVD’s.  Then it is right into Cardio Abs.  Start jumping up and down like a damn Mexican jumping bean.  Then it is on the C sit position,  (Shaun says there are no sit-ups or crunches in this workout)  well who gives a crap.  The C-Sit position hurts the living hell out of my lower back.   But I press on anyways.  Me and Tonia both give out during the 2 legged in and up excercise and she has Shaun fondling her the whole time. (but still quits anyways)  

Enough ranting…. Cardio Recovery is tomorrow.  (Or as I like to call it, douse your thighs in gasoline and light a match workout)


One Response to Insanity – Day 17 – Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

  1. Courtney says:

    Heh, we just did this combo yesterday, too. I can’t do the two legged in and out stuff for crap, either! 🙂

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