Insanity – Day 18 – Cardio Recovery

Ahh yes, the joy of having your thighs burning as if there were glowing hot coals sitting on them.  I had forgotten how that felt until doing the Cardio Recovery workout.   The recovery workout felt great besides that little bout of deep muscle work as Shaun T likes to call it.   You work  up just a nice little sweat, nothing like the buckets that pour down during Plyo Cardio Circuit or Pure Cardio.

Watching the DVD a little closer, I really think that the women in the video are in way better shape than most of the guys.  Shaun T included.   He is always taking breaks and talking in the third person like “Shaun T is tired now” and “Shaun T is talkin spit”.  Shut your piehole and do the workout, Shaun.  Otherwise Beachbody is gonna turn you into the next Tony Horton, and the world already has enough douchebags to go around.

Back to Cardio Power and Resistance tomorrow.


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