Insanity – Day 19 Cardio Power and Resistance

I like doing the Cardio Power and resistance workout more than some of the other workouts.  Not real sure why cause it kicks my butt.   Maybe it is due to the fact that Shaun T spends a little time fondling someone other than Tania in this DVD.   I think her name is Adriean or something like that.  Who really cares?  She is working out hard and Shaun comes over and starts poking and proding at her like some damn slab of meat.  Makes me smile every time.

Another thing I noticed about this workout.  Most of the guys are located in the BACK of the room away from the cameras.  Yes Shaun T is front and center, and that little cupcake Tonia is right behind him along with some token black dude.  (again, if this were a slasher movie, that guy would be the first to go)   But then there is an ENTIRE row of hotties that separate Shaun from the rest of the sausages.   Our boy Shaun T is no fool…. Keep a curtain of hotties between you and the other guys, that way from the front when you watch the video, it looks like Shaun is surrounded with chicks.

So far I have been sticking to the Low-Carb diet.  Chicken, Chicken and more Chicken.  Throw in some eggs and cottage cheese, maybe an occasional salad and you have a recipe for Suicide.   I told myself I was going to do the low-carb thing for the month of April.  3 more weeks to go.


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