Insanity – Day 24 – Nonsanity

Well yesterday was supposed to be Plyometric Cardio Circuit, but it turned into Work, Track Meet, Baseball Game Circuit.   Life got in the way of working out, which somehow had me feeling a little bit guilty for not staying on track.  

I usually do the Insanity workout as soon as I get home from work about 4:30pm.  But my son had a track meet that went from 4:30pm and ended at 6:45.  He then had a baseball game at 7:00pm that ran until 9:30pm.  I had not had dinner yet, so stopped on the way home after the baseball game to get a couple of chicken breast sandwiches (staying on that low-carb diet still) and by the time I was home and finished eating dinner it was already after 10pm. 

I did not really feel like trying to do Plyo Cardio Circuit on a full stomach.  No need to hurl during Mummy Kicks.  So I bagged the workout and will pick it back up from there.


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