Insanity – Day 25 – Plyo Cardio Circuit with the kids

Well yesterday the wife and kids joined me for a bout of Plyo Cardio Circuit.  I felt all Tony Hortonish and shit with comments like “you want perfection, look at this” and “I gotta check on the kids” rolling off my tongue every few minutes.   Even with the family there to witness it first hand, Plyo Cardio Circuit boot stomped my face off again.  I always have to take breaks during the frickin Ski Abs.  Those things suck ass.

Now the family has been doing P90X for the past few months, but basically half-assing it.  You know, one week on, next week skip a few days, next week on, next week skip all the days, etc.. etc…   They see that I am finished with my workouts in less than an hour and get all pissed off.  So they wanted to try one first hand and see what it is all about. 

Needless to say, Shaun T chewed them up and spit them out like like a Pakistani would do to a pork chop.  I have to give them credit though, they stuck through it til the end, although my guess is that if I was not there, they would have shut the DVD off after the first session of the workout and said to hell with it.  

Today is Cardio Recovery, I am so looking forward to the severe burning sensation in the thighs.  I will be very surprised if I get any company downstairs with me wanting to do the workout.  Actually, this would be a good one for them to do, except for the pain in the thighs, this is a pretty easy workout.


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