Insanity – Day 27 – Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs

Today is the day, thats right, today is the day that I get all the way through Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs without taking any extra breaks.   That was the plan, and I was damn sure sticking with it.

As usual, the warm-up and stretching sections were no problem, but I needed a plan to get through the workout section.  And that plan was to switch the order of the excercises when I got to Level 2 drills.   When the Level 2 drills started, I did Frog Jumps instead, and then when the DVD started into the Frog Jumps, I did Level 2 drills instead.  I was able to push through and finish all 15 excercises without a break while matching Shaun T and the kids intensity level.  (no I am not talking about the intensity level of the skinny little crack ho who says  “I wanna leave”) 

I could not believe that I actually made it through, but once I got down to the last 3 excercises, I said there is no damn way I am getting this close and stopping now.   So I pushed through and then collapsed in a heap on the floor.   Of course once the cool down stretch was finished, I put int he cardio abs DVD and told myself that I would get through that little slice of hell without stopping as well.

Much like Tania the hot little cupcake, I failed miserably in the two leg in and up section.  I had to take some breaks cause that is just CRAZY hard.  I managed to do all the other excercises without stopping.   I am finally getting to the point where I can push through all the way on each day.  Of course that must mean it is time to change it up.  Next week starts “Recovery Week” and 5 days of Core Cardio and Balance.  Then the real workouts begin with MAX everything.   I hope I can make it through those by the end of day 60.


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