Insanity – Day 28 – Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Once again, my goal was to push through the entire workout without stopping.

And once again, Ski Abs and In-and-Out Abs punched my mustache off.  I cannot get through those damn things without taking a fricking break.  My shoulders just kill me.  (My abs are not the problem, they should call these Ski Shoulders and In-and-Out Shoulders)   Staying in plank position that long, after doing the Level 1 drills (I think there are 6 sets of 4 pushups, so 24 pushups, followed by 8 floor sprints times 6)  is just to much.  Even Shaun T says “This is where I run out of gas and need a break”.  If the instructor needs a flipping break, then what about us 43 year old guys with bad knees?

I have no idea what the MAX Plyo Cardio Circuit has in store, but it better not be Ski-Abs and In-and-Out abs IMMEDIATELY following Level 1 drills.   Tomorrow is rest day followed by recovery week.  Yesssss


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