Insanity – Day 29 – Rest

Rest day… What to do with all this extra energy.  How about mowing the lawn, doing all the edging, fertilizing the yard, and putting in a shitload of mulch?  Sounds like a great time, right up there with getting your nuts caught in your zipper.

After spending over an hour mowing lawn (I have a push mower) and 2 hours moving wheelbarrows of mulch, and then another hour of doing the edging and fertilizing,  I realized that yard work was a way harder workout than Insanity.  It is just stretched out over a longer time period.   So much for a Rest day.

I start the Core Cardio and Balance loop tomorrow.  Five days of the same workout may just send me over the edge and into Insanity.   And why is the Fit Test not until AFTER the recovery week.  I better be able to KICK Tania’s ass after all this.  As for that pussy Chris, his numbers will get dusted, or my name isn’t Captain Insanity.


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