Insanity – Day 31 – Core Cardio and Balance II

Back for round 2 of the Core Cardio and Balance DVD.  

Warm-Up:  I must say that I don’t really like the warm-up section of this DVD.  I just don’t get a good enough sweat going and then the stretches that follow are a more painful than usual.  Who would ever have thought that 6 minutes of cardio would not be enough to get a good sweat going?   I remember when I started P90X the day after Thanksgiving 2009,  I would sweat just taking the DVD out of the case and walking it over the player.  Lifting the remote to start it would cause burning in the biceps.  The 3 or 4 minute Tony Horton warm-up would have me gassed.   I have come a long way baby!!!

The stretch section of the DVD is not to bad, I am not a real flexible guy, so the stretching has been very helpful, but I still don’t like it.  So the shorter the stretch section, the happier I am.

I do like the workout section of this DVD.  The 1 minute per excercise can get a bit boring though.  I think I prefer the shorter length and more repetitions of the earlier workouts.  Also, I originally thought that they were less than a minute due to Shaun T getting all Tony Horton on us and spending 10 seconds or so talking about the next excercise.  But a closer look at the clock shows that they add those seconds on prior to starting and you really are doing the work for a minute each time.   Really the only benefit is the extra rest between each excercise that you do not get in the regular workouts.

Hip Flexor Burners:  I almost made it all the way through this living hell without putting my foot down to rest.  I got through the first minute and 15 seconds before I had to put my foot down due to my leg being on fire.  On the other leg I made it just a littler further, but the kick/extending of the leg is hard for me.  My hamstrings and calfs are very tight and I am not flexible enough to really kick it out there.

Shoulder Burners:  I was determined to make it further into this than the previous day, and I actually did.   I powered through the “flap your wings like a dodo bird” section with no real shoulder burn starting.   On to the clap the cymbals like a wind up monkey section.  I made it through but the burning was starting to set in.  Next was the arms above the head section.  The burning was now up to open flame level and growing.  I barely made it through.  Next was circles backwards,  all I could see in my mind was that douchebag Tony Horton backing out of trouble.   That was it, I had to stop and take a rest, not only for my shoulders, but also to clear the image of Tony out of my skull.   After a 5 second rest I jumped back in.  Only to quit again once the forward circles started.  Another 5 second rest and I was good til the end. 

I was so pissed about the burning in the shoulders that I simply flipped the TV the bird and hit the power button to OFF.


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