Insanity – Day 35 Core Cardio and Balance VI

Finally!!! I am finished with core cardio and balance.  My shoulders are now strong enough where I can actually lift off the ground and fly during the shoulder burner sequence.  Of course I simply smashed my head on the ceiling when I did get airborn, knocking myself unconsious for 10 minutes.  During my brief time knocked out, I had a horrible vision of Dreya Weber standing over me asking if I would like a “hugger”.   The more she asked the larger the bulge in her spandex would get….  I think she was getting a boner.   I awoke screaming when she got close and started trying to hug me and her face transformed into Tony Horton!!!!   Good God what a nightmare.  I now have a 2 inch high goose egg on the top of my noggin, and mental and emotional scars to last a lifetime.

I am so looking forward to the Fit Test.  But what really concerns me is that it says….. And Max Interval Circuit.  What the fuck?  They think that I am going to be able to do an ENTIRE workout AFTER I do the Fit Test?  No flipping way. 

Look for updated results in the next post…. I WILL beat Tania and Chris on all items.  errrr…  I hope so anyways.  Well maybe on 1 or 2???


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