Insanity – Day 39 – Max Cardio Conditioning

When I saw the timer at the start of Max Cardio Conditioning set at 47 minutes, I was just thrilled that it was less than the hour the previous 2 workouts had been.  My mistake…. It may be 13 minutes shorter, but it was definiately harder than the previous 2 workouts. 

Here is a little run through of the trot through hell they call Max Cardio Conditioning.

Warm-up:  The same 10 minute sequence as Max Interval Circuit and Max Interval Plyo.  I really do not like the side-to-side floor hops.  They make my big toe hurt.   Follow this up with 5 or 6 minutes of stretching and you are ready to go.   Looking at the timer, there is over 32 minutes remaining.   My simple little brain attempts to do the math….  Holy Shit!!! There is room in there for nearly 28 straight minutes of cardio ass kicking.  (4 minute cool down at the end)

Come on ya alllllllll Letsssssssssssssss Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • High/Low Squat Jabs.
  • Football runs into Low Plank  (Just like coach used to make us do at 2-a-days)
  • 8 Basketball Shots / 4 Hop Squats
  • Right Kicks / Left Kicks  (Like a cracked out Daniel San in Karate Kid)
  • Diamond Jumps
  • Suicide Jumps  (aren’t these things called Burpee’s?)
  • High Knee/Low Run/Floor Sprint  (Trifecta of hellish things to do)
  • Ski Abs  (I hate these)
  • Kick Step Back  (A bit of a break with these)
  • Squat Twists
  • Over the River Hops
  • Power Knees (1 minute each side)
  • Ski Down Hooks  (a mix of Ski Downs and Hooks)
  • Belt Kicks
  • Foward/Back Suicides
  • Push-Up Abs
  • Plank Punches
  • 8 Jump Ropes/8 Hops Squats
  • Squat Speed Bag

That is it, you are finished.  So you curl up in the fetal position and cry for your mommy for about 2 minutes.  (Shaun calls this stretching)   You then stand up, and wobble over to the DVD player, telling the TV to Kiss my ASS and punch the off button.


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