Insanity – Day 42 – Max Interval Plyo

I did better on this today than last week.  I kept thinking there was another circuit to go, but thankfully the workout was done.  Must have been delirous from dehydration.  I think I sweat out at least a gallon, but only drink about 16 ounces back in during the workout. 

The level 3 drills are a bitch.  I can do the first half of each round, but can only get to about 8 or 10 push-ups the second half.  This is one tough workout. Again, looking in the background, lots of the “experienced”  people are taking breaks and curled up in the Childs Pose hoping that Shaun does not see them.  Pussies.

Tomorrow is a rest day, thank goodness for that.  My 44 year old body cannot take too much more of this pounding.


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