Insanity – Day 44 – Max Cardio Conditioning

Second time through on the Max Cardio Conditioning and I am getting better.   What the fuck is up with the guy on the right hand side of the screen in the blue?  That dude is taking breaks during the fricking WARM UP!!!.   Shaun T needs to punch that guys mustache off and replace him with some fine young honey.    And another thing, Chris from the Fit Test video…. He is taking breaks during the very first excercise of the actual workout.  Now I can understand it once you are a few moves into the workout, but during the first ONE??? We just finished five minutes of stretching and another 30 seconds or so of just taking a break.

Enough bitching about the slackers in the video… I needed to start slacking after about 1o minutes into the actual workout as well.  I ususally just take the last 5 seconds or so of each minute and get a rest before the next move starts.  Shaun burns another 5 seconds or so explaining the move so that is usually enough to get recovered.

The best thing about this workout is the fact that it is only 47 minutes long.  These MAX versions of stuff that take a full hour are pissing me off.  The #1 reason I like the Insanity workouts is that they are shorter than the damn P90X ones.  But these Max ones are just about the same as the P90X, only 5 times more difficult.   So due to the fact that MAX Cardio Conditioning is the shortest of the MAX workouts… it is officially my favorite.


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