Insanity – Day 46 – Max Interval Circuit

Who would ever figure that a big toe injury could sideline you for so many days in Insanity?   I got hit with a puck on the end of my skate during a hockey game and my big toe nail split .  The next day trying to do Insanity was insanely painful.  I ended up having to take 3 days in a row off before finally being able to jump and run on that foot.

So I started back up where I had left off…. Max Interval Circuit.  Yeah, this is the one where Shaun T starts the damn workout out with “I’m here to kick your butt, and I am not playin” .   Great.   I had failed miserably at this workout the first time I tried it due to the fact that I did the fit test right before starting.  This time I had no excuse, well I did have a sore big toe.   Needless to say side-to-side hops in the warm-up were excruciating, and any plank runs were very painful as well. 

I struggled through the workout, wondering the entire time if my sluggishness was due to my toe hurting, or the fact that I had not worked out in the past 3 days.  I decided it was a little bit of both.  Tomorrow is Max Interval Plyo.  I hope I can do a little better with that one.

There is one chick in this video who is busting ass the entire time.  I don’t remember her name, but Shaun T goes over and talks to her a few times.  She has on a grey top and maroon shorts.  Bitch is always smiling like this is the most fucking fun she has ever had!!!!  I want to reach through the TV and slap the smile off her face in a big way.   And why the hell is that Akiel dude in the front row? That dude is always doggin it unless Shaun T gets up his ass about it.  The dude is ripped, but obviously the roids did not help out his cardio.


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