Insanity – Day 49 – Max Interval Sports

Today was supposed to be Core Cardio and Balance, but looking at the schedule, it says: ” If you have the deluxe package you can substitute Max Interval Sports Training here instead.  So that is what I did.  I had not even looked at this DVD up to this point so it was all new to me.

There is really no actual ‘warm-up’ to this DVD, you basically go right into it with only a minimum of a warm up.  There are four sports covered in the workout: Boxing, Football, Basketball, and Track.  Each section is about 10 minutes long and consists of several sport specific excercises.  The boxing section is basically a bunch of jabs and uppercuts that are done in increasing levels of intensity.  You will do 1 set for a minute then get a rest, then another more intense set then a rest.  This goes on for about 10 minutes total.

Next it is Football.  Of course this includes the much hated wide stance quick feet and then drop to the floor and hold a low plank pushup position.  Then back up to your feet.  This is modified and you do a drop down, then do plank walks side to side.  Again, each excercise is a minute or more then a rest.  There are several other football specific drills, and they all seem to focus on the shoulder and quad areas.

Next is Basketball:  Lots of 3 point shots and front to back suicides in here.  More cardio than the football, and more focus on the core and lower body. 

Last is Track:  Basically you do Ladder sprints for most of it.  15 seconds at full speed then 15 sec rest. Then 30 seconds at full speed, then 15 sec rest, then 45 seconds, then rest, finally a full minute, then rest.  Then it is back down the ladder 45, 30 and 15 seconds.

Overall, I really like this workout.  You get more rest times than any of the other DVD’s and the rests seem to be much longer.  You still work up a good soaking sweat though, so don’t think it is too easy.  I would say this DVD should be done by anyone who is doing P90X in place of the KenpoX dvd.  Much better workout here.


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