Insanity – Day 52 – Max Interval Circuit

Shaun T is not playin, and he kicked my ass again on this workout.  Just can’t seem to make it through this thing without extra breaks.  I notice that almost all the other people in the DVD are taking extra breaks, but it still pisses me off to take breaks.

I love the end when the break dancin mexican dude spins on his back then jumps up and nearly kicks the skinny broad right in the face.  That would have been sweet if he nailed her in the nose with his foot.  Congratulations, you just finished todays workout, now here is a kick in the face to remind you that you suck!!!   The chick just kind of sits there all dazed and confused, but you just know that once the cameras were off, she strung that wetback up by his little mexican cahones out in the parking lot. 

11 more workouts and 1 fit test to go….


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