Insanity – Day 53 – Max Interval Plyo

Today was Max Interval Plyo day.  Not much new here, but I did almost make it through the Level 3 drills this time.  Did all 32 push-ups and plank runs the first 2 rounds, but collapsed onto my face after 7 push-ups in round 3.   This might actually be the hardest of the Max DVD’s, at least for me.  I actually kind of like the Max Cardio Conditioning workout (probably cause it is the shortest) and Max Interval Circuit I think is a little easier despite Shaun T getting all ghetto on us and telling us he is gonna kick our butts, and he ain’t playin.

Anybody else just about had it with the dude in all black who basically does as little as possible through this entire DVD?  I can’t remember his name maybe Darren?  Anyways, every time I look at the screen, he is resting or half assing the workout.  If Beachbody can’t afford to pay for better shills than that guy,  then maybe they should jack up the retail price of these DVD’s a bit.  Not that $130 isn’t already Insane, but why not charge $200 and get a bunch more hot chicks like Tania and crew who can tough it out? 

10 more to go…


One Response to Insanity – Day 53 – Max Interval Plyo

  1. pittnova88 says:

    Hey man,

    What have you thought about insanity? I tried p90 again and failed miserably after the first recovery week. How easy has it been to follow the routine? How have the results turned out so far? Glad to see you’re still kickin

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