Insanity – Day 58 – Rest

What rest….

90 minutes of pushing a lawnmower,  30 minutes of running an edger,  20 minutes of working the leaf blower,  and then another 2 hours of shoveling mulch and digging out bushes.   Holy shit it is the Max Interval Circuit for your yard!!!  All I needed was some bald headed dude to yell at me occasionally to Dig Deeper!!! I mean dig all the way to fucking China asshat!!! 

Needless to say, I was no where near as tired as I would have been last year doing that, so I decided to crawl around under my deck running new lighting wire and TV Cable.  Holy shit Batman!!! Crawling around in 18 inches of  clearance is not a whole lot of fun, and a damn tough workout.  Good thing I do all those fricking low plank obliques cause that is about how I had to move around for 2 hours under my deck.  

Anyways I am more tired now that I am after my usual Insanity day, so I am sure Day 59 will just be a bucket-o-fun!!!!


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