Insanity – Day 62 – Max Interval Plyo

Got home from work, headed to the basement and popped the DVD into the player.  What do you know?  Last time for Max Interval Plyo.   Not much new here, sore knees and back for the first 7-8 minutes and then I felt fine.   Sweat pouring out by the end of stretches and completely drenched by the end of the workout.

Later last night I had a hockey game.  I got hit with a slapshot on the outside of my left ankle.  Ouch!!! I could feel the swelling start right away, so I just kept on playing.  Taking the skate off results in large ankles.   Later in the game I get hit with a shot on the inside of my right ankle.  Now I am flipping pissed.  Both ankles now have bruises, and the left one is swelling up nicely.  

After the game, I am about to take the skate of when someone sticks their head in the locker room and says ” hey our team is way short tonight, anyone want to play a second game?”   My brain says “No way!!” but for some reason my mouth says “Sure, I will play”   What the hell am I thinking?   So I start playing the second game of the night and what happens?  I get slashed across the thumb!!!  Holy shit, I head over to the bench and take the glove off, and what do ya know, the thumb nail is already purple and black. 

As the second game of the night is winding down, the puck goes out to the point, and I head out to pressure the guy.  He winds up with the big slapper, and I think, HELL NO, I am not getting hit in the ankle again,  so I jump a little bit to get out of the way.  The puck ends up hitting the inside of my left skate blade, pushing my left leg  just a little out of whack, so that my leg is no longer straight up and down when I land.  So when the blade hits back on the ice slightly off center, there is a shooting pain in my left knee.  You have to be shitting me.  4 injuries in one night!!!!  I hobble over to the bench and look at the clock, a little over 2 minutes left in the game.  I end up trying to skate one more shift, but that is not happening, so I head to the locker room.

Taking off the skates reveals 1 large swollen left ankle with a nice black bruise on the outside of it,  1 purple and green bruise on the inside of the right ankle.  1 Right Thumb nail that is purple and black, and 1 left knee that is screaming in pain and swelling up nicely.   That was the worst night of hockey I can ever remember, 4 injuries in just a little over 3 hours of playing time.  

Good thing I only have 1 more insanity workout left.  There is no way I will be able to do it today.  As I sit here writing this, both ankles are throbbing, every time I hit the space bar my thumb hurts and my left knee is packed in ice.

I will most likely not do Day 63 workout, and jump straight to the fit test.  If the swelling and bruising feels better, maybe I will try it on Monday (Memorial Day) otherwise I might just try it in 1 week or so.

I will post the results of all fit tests once I finish the last one.


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