Coming Soon —— P90X2 Review

Well, it has been almost 18 months since I finished Insanity, I hear that Tony “Senor Douchebag” Horton is coming out with P90X2.   I have been busy the past 72 weeks packing the jello back on top of the six pack abs.  Pretty much have them covered with a solid base of goo, no chance of them showing up for a photo op.  Good thing Tony and the crew have a new set of workouts on the way.  Once I get my hands on a set of them, I will set off on another 90 day journey to peel back the chubby one workout at a time, providing you with an honest and hopefully humorous account of each day. 

Hopefully I will have a set of the DVD’s before January 1, 2012.   I will start updating again as soon as I get them.



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