It’s a boy!!!

After much pushing, screaming and yelling… the UPS guy opened his legs a little farther and out dropped a cardboard box.  The label said “Team Beachbody” so I knew that Tony and his new crew of crazy kids had been delivered to my very own front porch.   I told Rocko the delivery guy to put his pants back on and get the hell off of my front porch before the cops showed up again.  He demanded his $20 for the “wrong address” delivery and was on his way back to the big brown truck in no time. 

I carefully picked up the package and swaddled it in fine cloth.  My new little baby had arrived.   I took it in the house and opened the cardboard box,  inside was a bright white box that I just knew contained a treasure!!!  I could hardly contain the excitement as I lifted the cover of the box and what did I see???? Tony D-bag Hortons face staring back at me!!!  Wow, Christmas came early at my place. 

It looks like I no longer have any excuses for being a fat pig.  I will start my latest 90 day adventure with Tony Horton in the next few days.  I will need to sit down and watch the DVD’s first to figure out what additional swag I will need to get my hands on this time.  It looks like a few medicine balls, a stability ball and a foam roller are suggested.  Maybe I need to head out to seedier side of town and see if I can pick up some of that crap on the cheap.


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