Accessories obtained.

I spent the weekend scouring every seedy and shifty website and flea market I could,  in order to come up with the following items for P90X2:  8lb Medicine balls (2), 65cm stability ball, Foam Roller.   I stopped by the pharmacy to see if I needed a prescription in order to get a medicine ball.  The pharmacist said “Huh?  Ummm I don’t think so”.   He said I could get one at a sporting goods store.  Who would have thought, getting medicine at a sporting goods store.  

So I headed over to the local Dick’s Sporting Goods store.  $35 for a  medicine ball, and I needed 2 of them!!   No frickin way.  That is like 7 or 8 Oxy’s from the local pharmacist who hangs out behind the liquor store.  I ain’t paying that much for a god damned rubber ball that does not even bounce.  Looks like I will need to do a little more shopping.   

I had no idea what a “foam roller” was, but I found one at Dick’s.  For the love of Mike, it is just a tube of foam about 2 foot long and the circumference of an elephants cock.  Put a cord on the end of it and it could be a tampon for Rosie O’Donnell.   And the Price… $29.99!!!  Are you kidding me?  For that kind of money I just might take my chances with the elephants at the Barnum and Bailey circus.

Last but not least, the Stability ball.   This is just a fancy name for an overinflated kickball.  And you guessed it, only $24.99.   So in total I would have to spend like $125 for all this crap at a sporting goods store.  There was no way I was dropping that much coin on “accessories”, time to go bargain hunting.

The next day, I am looking through the ads in the neighbor’s newspaper.  (who pays for the paper?  just get up early and you can find them laying all over the neighborhood)  Buried deep in the ad section is a flyer for Menard’s.  For those of you who have never heard of a Menard’s, it is basically what the bastard child of a Home Depot that mated with a K-Mart would look like.  It kind of has home improvement stuff, and it kind of has a bunch of blue light special shit that no one really wants.  But on this day, it had everything I wanted.  All on the same page!!!   Medicine Balls  $4.99 each,  Stability Ball $4.99 and a foam roller for $9.99.  (same damn brands that were at Dick’s)   So for a total of $25, I can get everything that would have cost me $125 or more at Dick’s. 

I ran over there and scooped them up and headed home with my treasure.   I now have the tools to make my Tony Horton P90X2 workout complete.  Next up, finding the desire to actually do the workouts.  I will be easing into them, probably doing only half of each dvd each time the first week, and upping it to 75% the second week.   So by the time Christmas is over, I should be ready to go 100% on these things.


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