Finally able to post again!!!

Holy Crap,  I have been unable to log on to my “WordPress” account since mid-December.  By about the end of January,  I had given up on even trying anymore…  But today, when I tried to log on, Viola, it worked.   What a bunch of crap.

Needless to say, I have not been able to give daily updates on that total douchebag Tony Horton and his new crew of “kids”.   I have been doing the P90X2 workouts and diet since February 1st, and have gone from a nice and chunky 188 to a much slimmer 174.   As of today I have completed 54 of the 90 days, so I am just past half way. 

I will go back and review each of the individual workouts, in all of their X2 gory details, starting in April.   Look for more updates then.  (if I can sign back on to this frickin blog)


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